DNL Consultants can assist you with any part of the NPD process from conception of an idea (maybe even before) through to production of the finished item.

We have experience with a range of product categories including bakery products, ambient meals, dairy, snacks, and ready-to-eat.

Product & Process Development

We can assist you to make your new product concept the perfect solution for your target market. We can assist with the entire process from forming an idea to commercialisation, or, for any part of the process.

We can provide independent advice on:

  • product concept development
  • suppliers for ingredients, packaging, or, contract manufacturers
  • advice on production techniques, processes and equipment
  • production trials
  • analysis including sensory, microbiological and shelf-life
  • product launch

Sensory evaluation

We have experience in evaluating and developing the profile of food products for many markets and regional tastes, especially for the airline market (where altitude can completely change the profile of the product), for the major retailers, and the Middle East.

Nutritional development

We can assist with the development or evolution of your product to improve its nutritional profile, provide a cleaner label, or make your product fit a new category such as low fat, reduced sugar, or Halal.

Product & Process improvement

We can develop improvements in product and profiles to obtain better authenticity, or, a particular customer requirement by assessing/ advising on viable process or ingredient amendments.




DNL Consultants have the know-how, just ask how we can help.